Ulf Henricson

Permanent residence:
Box 128
917 22 Dorotea
Tel: +46 - (0)942 - 250 16
Mobile: +46 - (0)70 - 60 77 388
              +46 - (0)70 - 63 44 283
E -mail: ulf@henricson.se



Borne 1936 in Mårdsjö, a small village in the very north of Sweden.
My parents where farmers. The farm is still owned by the family and is our meeting point.
Since my early childhood flying has been my passion and 1985 I did buy my own two seated motor glider. Travelling has been an important part of my job. I have friends around the world and I will do my very best to see that they will continue to be my friends. When the winter darkness covers the northern part of the world my wife and I will leave Sweden to see the world's wonders, - and friends. We will however always return when springtime make Sweden and Mårdsjö to the best place in the world, - for us.

Pensioned and allowed to make my own priority list:
1: My wife Inger and our family
2: Our friends
3: Mårdsjö
4: Gliding
5: Traveling
6: Henricson Technology AB
7: Write a book about the official truth from 1950 to year 2000.
(Will be published on this web site.)