Max Henricsons home page

Born 2000-01-15, son of Åsa and Mats Henricson. Felix brother.

One day old

Just a few teeth

Look, some feet!

Sure, I'm not crazy!

Hey, trust me!

Oh, I like this

Ah, this is so fun

What is that?

A good day for flying a kite

Look into my eyes!

Man, cristmas is so fun!

Toys toys toys

With grandma on the beach

Working hard on my movie star smile

Is this safe?


Just before bedtime

In my chair

Again, in my chair

Hm... is it broken?

In SkyChair

Making cookies

Off for Halloween

I know my brother won't do it

A pump!

Off to somewhere with my brother

I want to be an offshore diver when I grow up

On the beach

After a bath

Having fun on New Years eve

With my friend Ali

With my dad

With my friend Oscar