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I'm a Java and Agile contractor at Crisp in Stockholm, specializing in Ajax, technology scouting and server side Java. If you crave for more details, why not read my online resume, study the State Of The Art In Server Side Java seminar I have developed. Of limited interest may be my list of SW engineering books I've read. Or my two blogs? I can also recommend a look at the home pages of my two sons Felix and Max.

Go to The Universal Packing List! I am also the author of the Universal Packing List. It is a packing list for every possible trip - around the world for several years, or just a weekend trip to your parents. It is now configurable, and Version 9.5.0 is now out!

Apelvägen 6 (from space)
138 35 Älta
Home: 08-773 12 13
Mobile: 0706-83 84 88
Email: Mats Henricson
ICQ#: 309394
I use Mozilla with Enigmail.