Felix Henricsons home page

Born 1997-11-10, son of Åsa and Mats Henricson. Max brother.

Sleeping on my mothers shoulder

Happy on my dads shoulders

With my friend Anne-Christine

I don't know what it is, but it's funny!

This was cool

I love the sun

Oh, no, is that my mother?

I look like Santa now, right?

I promise, it is not my gloves!

Scrambling the Storjola mountain with dad and uncle Bengt

Make our day!

Don't disturb me - I'm reading a book!

Superman and Tigger

Flying helicopter in Santa Cruz

Best friends

Flying a kite

This is uncle Bengt

I broke my arm once

Look at this

In my sofa


Man, Max is heavy


With daddy

In the SkyChair

Small santa

Off for Halloween!

Just teasing my brother

Flying somewhere

I look just like dad

Look Ma, only one had!

On a rock in Yoshua Tree

I like strawberries

Blue icecream

I want to be a Linux programmer when I grow up